Thursday, April 30, 2015

SOS the kids wont stop snacking

I've received a call from my niece the other day. Don't worry it was not an emergency call she just wanted to have a play date with me. Of course I said yes. I have been so busy that I've missed being with her and her little brother.

As soon as I walked in  the house I witnessed something only a mother will truly understand. It was the argument about snack time. All I heard was my sister telling them that they already had a snack 10 min ago.... I thought to myself what is the big fuss? All you have to do is feed them every time they ask  right? 
As I watched the famous talk about the snack between the three, I realized my sister needed a little help.I walked to the pantry and handed them each an apple sauce. Problem solved!! As the kids ran out to the play area and  I reached to HI 5 my sister I realized I did something terribly wrong. I gave her up in the battle when all she needed from me was support.

We started talking and she told me how this snack problem was driving her insane. She was running out of ideas for snacks. She was shopping for food every other day. It was to much for her. After analyzing the situation we came up with a solution. All they needed was some TIME MANAGEMENT .  I gave her an idea that may work here is my logic.

My niece is 6 and she is learning how to read time. She has been very excited about it, and this has helped her understanding more  of her daily schedule. From knowing what time she is going to meet her friends for play date, to knowing what time swimming lessons starts. This has helped her so much on being patient, getting ready faster and being on time. Having a set time helps keeping up with the daily routine  

We went to her home office grabbed a paper and worked on their snack schedule. The kids get a snack time at school at 10:30 am. They come home from school at 2:00 pm.  My sister said the kids come back from school very hungry, so we schedule the 2nd snack at 2:30 pm.  In the afternoon, they go to the park or play at home. We decided to schedule the next snack at 4:30 pm, and then dinner will be at 6:00 pm.

Write on the paper "Snack Time". It doesn't need to be fancy, It just has to be clear for them to read.
Note: *Make sure you include the snack time during school.* This schedule can be used for the whole week.

She informed my niece and nephew of the new snack time. They loved the idea all we needed to see if it was going to work and it did. My sister told me it took a couple of days for them to get in the routine, but now they are the ones reminding her about the time. They are in an eating routine and both the kids and mommy are happy. It worked!!!
Go ahead and try it and why not add yourself to the snack time. 

Side note: Compromise! You choose the time and they choose the kind of snack.
Listen to them they have lots to say