Monday, July 7, 2014

   The unexpected electric power shut downs would happen often in my country.  Somehow the country had to put up with the battle between the management and the government. Thanks to the administration in those days, my mom was always prepared with candles. Since I was little girl, I had a fascination for candles. I clearly remember all of us screaming and running towards her when the lights shut down. We were always scared, but later it just became a game for us.

   I have beautiful memories of my family having dinner under the candle light. The shadows, the orange glow, and the faint darkness from a simple round wax object would make us feel closer. On one of those dark nights my dad told us if you stare at the candle light for a long time and you concentrate really, really hard you could control the movement of the fire. This turned into a contest for us. A staring contests that no one won. Turns out that game was a simple exercise to relax our brains and keep us quiet. What a smart guy right?

  Now that I’m all grown up I still have a fascination for candles. The difference from when I was young and now I see candles as being romantic, sexy, peaceful, and decorative as well as an energy cleansing.
 Candles come on so many styles, smells and shapes. Unfortunately, they get such a bad rep because of the chemically processed ingredients and the safety hazards inherent safety hazards associated with them.
 Thanks to the all that information that has been put out there for us, we need to understand the danger that some candles can bring you. So please look carefully at the ingredients and make sure you understand each one of them and if you don’t want to go through all the trouble you can always…  Do It Yourself!


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