Thursday, June 5, 2014

The eyes of your Home

  Windows also known in Spanish as Ventanas , or Italian as Finestre, are a beautiful architectural feature of your home. The different styles and shapes can give your home some charm and create the illusion of connection to the outside world.
  These beautiful features are the eyes of your home. With their different sizes and contours they become an instrument of your first sense. Thru these eyes you can see the beauty of mother earth, enjoying the sunlight and moonlight; the rain and snow; the mountains and the sea. So much beauty we can enjoy thru them and so little importance we give them.
  For us women, eyes can be beautified by adding some mascara and makeup. For a window you can add shades, blinds or curtains, giving them a practical and stylish look.   Here are a couple of ideas you can use in your windows.
       Remember the exquisiteness of them. Don’t have them all closed and covered by the fabric and material. Have them open and let the splendor from the outside pass good energy and happiness in your home.                                                          

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