Tuesday, November 11, 2014


       Its so nice when you see  a home project can take you just 5 minutes. The truth is this project will take you 20 min; at least it did to me. I don't want to give excuses, but I want to explain. 
I just moved, so to find the things I needed I had to go through boxes, that took 5 min. Then I was stopped by my phone buzzing, yes it was my Facebook, I decided to respond to one comment and all of the sudden I was looking through the live feed and clicking LIKE LIKE LIKE. I know its addicting. This took me 5 more minutes..oops. I decided to put the phone down and walk away. I kept telling myself, even if it buzzes again I wont pick it up. 5 minutes later I put the phone down and decided  to move on and start my project that took 5 minutes, so  there you go lesson learned. There are always distractions, but if you really focus this project will be easy and fast.

Now here is the project.

I had this small organizer from Ikea. It comes with a black board to cover the back. For me it was to dark and boring.

I went around the house and found:

I chose the colors that go with my living room, Its okay if you mix and match

                                                     FINAL RESULT;

        TADAA!!! thanks to the scrapbook paper I gave this organizer shelve a new look.
See, I told you it would only take 5 minutes.

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