Friday, March 28, 2014

Garden Delight

 Its Friday..woohoo and I'm so happy to spend a nice weekend with my hubby, but before I go on with my day I needed to share my beautiful experience from yesterday.

Remember I told you that I would love to write about food...well I am not a professional in this subject, but I definitely love to eat and try new things.

 Yesterday I was invited to Crimson Tavern an amazing restaurant in Orlando to celebrate their One year Anniversary. It is located inside the Orlando Airport Marriott.

Crimson Tavern, is a new eclectic restaurant that offers amazing food. Yes I know you might be thinking how can I find good food at an Airport hotel... well let me tell you, this is the exception. The Chef that makes this happen is Chef Tony Hull. Chef Tony is from West London. He carries with him over 20 years of experience in the culinary world spread out through 3 different countries.  People walk thru the doors un aware of the intensity, creativity  and passion that Chef Tony has put in every single dish. Here are some of the things that I experienced last night: Grilled oysters and clams over peach wood, Cape Canaveral poached shrimp with Bloody Mary cocktail sauce, pork terrine, pig butter, (Yes, I said PIG BUTTER!) hunter's sausage made from scratch right in the hotel, a multitude of  pickles made from cucumbers grown right in the hotel garden, classic French and Italian bread, and more! All of the ingredients used were sourced from local farmers and from the hotel's very own vegetable garden. The highlight of my night was trying pork cheeks! (Which I never thought I would) and it was delicious! Everything was delicious!

The restaurant has a beautiful red color and cherry wood walls that caught my attention from far away. Smiley faces greet us and point us to the vegetable Garden. I was so excited when they told me that the party was going to be in a vegetable Garden, why? Well I loooove to eat outside. I will call it one of my pleasures. The ambiance of the Garden from the smell of the herbs to the wind blowing in your face and the sunset it was just magical. Eating outside close to the nature makes me feel more alive and grateful to Mother Nature.

You can also experience this fun, different and beautiful scene. All you have to do is ask for a tour around the vegetable garden or even ask for a romantic setup. I know you are going to love it.

Follow them on Twitter @CrimsonTavernFl and Facebook CrimsonTavernFl. Don’t forget to click and like their page. Visit them at 7499 Augusta National Dr, Orlando, FL 32822

Happy Anniversary Crimson Tavern, I will see you again!

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