Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Clean House = Happy Mom

 This blog is dedicated to all of you, the stay home moms, the work from home moms, the entrepreneur moms and the moms that work for a company. 

Have you been feeling like you are running out of breath? Or you feel there is not enough time to do everything? The house is dirty, piles and piles of clothes? The kid’s toys are everywhere? You have to cook for the kids? Wash the dishes.….if you say yes to all of them then you are my SUPER MOM.

You are the mom that tries to do everything in the house, but gets to a point that you feel so overwhelm and you give up. Every super hero needs their partner to help them and today I am your partner and I’m here for you. I am going to help you organize your time around kids and the house. I’m not a mom, but I’ve had experienced motherhood thru my nieces and nephew (7 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old). It’s not that I have babysat for a couple of hours. Actually I have had the kids all by myself for weeks (24/7) and I understand how hard it is to entertained them and also deal with the rest of the house. That is why I want to help you and share with you. Are you ready?? Here we go.

1. Buy or create a calendar board.

2. Write on the board what you are going to be cleaning, per day. All you need is to spend 15 min in each room.(ie. Monday - living Room)

3. Make sure you delegate to all of your family members a little job (include your 2 year old). Remember is not going to be perfect but they are helping and that is one step ahead.

4. Do a pile of laundry a day especially if it is a family of 4 or more. This is going to help you keep up with the washing and not just waiting for a huge pile to be washed once a week. Remember to put away the clothes, it’s just going to take you 2 minutes.

5. Every night all the rooms, kids, yours and living area have to be picked up….no excuses…we don’t need perfection, but at least nobody is going to be running into books, toys or clothes.

6. Always prepare the kids lunch the night before and write down the menu if you want. Your mornings are going to run so smooth and the kids are going to know what they are having for the week. Ask them to help you in writing the menu.

7. After every shower or baths make sure you wipe around after they are done (ie. Pick up bath toys). Asked them to help you (keep the bathrooms cleaning supplies in the same room. If you have 2 bathrooms have two cleaning kits).

8. Write down all the: appointments, classes, sports, birthday parties, play dates, etc. With this you are going to have a better time management with your schedule and theirs.

9. Stick to the calendar!! If you are a person that likes routines you can do the calendar for the month, if not make it fun for all of you by changing it every week. Do this every Sunday night.

Remember that your home is the place that you go to relax after a long day. Having the house clear of clutter is going to create more positive energy and flow. Now is time to relax and enjoy a glass of wine. Cheers Ladies!!

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