Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Chair, known in Spanish as Silla, is a beautiful piece of furniture made out of wood, metal and sometimes cloth. Their unique design has helped complete a room and become a part of the dĂ©cor world.

 Chairs became common in the 16th century. Apart from being a specific thing that was created to rest our butts on, the chair turn out to be one of the most used accessories. 

     Women look for a chair that has texture, form and color. With their beauty, chairs have made women feel glamorous and sexy. The type of sexy that you see with Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. I clearly remember watching the movie and thinking that one day I will be the Cleopatra of my home. 

For men on the other hand, they tend to look for structure, and hand-made quality. In the past, chairs were meant to show rank as well. During meetings the higher the rank, the higher the chair.  Let's not forget that they also look very sexy sitting in a nice leather chair… Right?

With the trial and error to perfect the ergonomics of the chair, it has surely given us a reason to hate them. Structurally, we were not meant to be sitting for as long as we do today. The investment in a good chair will pay you back immensely. However, it is always a good idea to stand and stretch a little every now and then.    

 Now keep it sexy and healthy. Have a sit and enjoy! 


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