Wednesday, October 8, 2014

You, Kids, and Toys


      Who would of thought  toys could give you some of the most amazing, fun memories of your childhood?Toys were there when we  needed company, when we needed to laugh, when we wanted to create a beautiful story. They were part of us and our room.

Having lots of toys is every kid's dream. For sure, it was mine as well. I was the little girl in love with dolls, tea sets, pink dresses and lots of stuffed animals. 
I'm the 3rd of four kids. Imagine all those toys, and my poor mother dealing with them and us. Having spent some time with my nieces and nephew, I understand the feeling my mom had. All those toys laying on the floor, some picking up dust in a box or closet.

All my mom wanted to do was get ride of them, but she couldn't. Why make us suffer?  Why put her kids through that?

Dear parents, kids love their toys and some more than others, but with all the toys and the few hours they have left of the day,  they don't have enough time to play with all them. Remember they will always get new toys, but until then you need to:

* Get your kids to pick the toys they are going to give away. Always do it with them, so they don't grow up thinking the dog ate the barbies.

* If they have 2 or more sets of the same toys, make them pick one for donation and one for the Rotation Box

* Make a Rotation Toy Plan. Switch toys every 6 months. That way the toys won't get destroyed and you have less clutter at home.

As a parent you might be holding to stuff as a memory of your kids, just remember that who ever gets your kids toys are going to create new dreams, new stories, a new best friend.

 Here are some places you can donate or you can always go back to the good old fashion Yard Sale.

BETACenter  Beta Center

KIDS Donation Kids Donation

Goodwill Goodwill

Donation Town Donation Town

Check for Charity or Donation places close to you.

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