Wednesday, October 1, 2014


"October is here and the rain is my background music. I’m missing something, I’m missing autumn". (MF)

   Having lived in Virginia, I experienced the best season out of the four. Nature has created the fall to bring the beauty of colors in a cold, rainy, weather. 

I still remember watching through my window and admiring the colors of the trees.  Those colors were the last breath of happiness before they would become a pile of leaves. The weather starts to get chili, but refreshing. The cold and rainy weather may make you feel down, but when you look outside and see the ever changing colors  you can't help but feel happiness.

   Our bodies react towards the changing of the season. We start to crave hot teas and spiced coffees. Seeded vegetables become harvest and all you can think off is a nice hot chicken soup and a slice of pie.

The scents of apple and cinnamon becomes a signature smell, and the thought of a fire and a glass of wine will put you in the zone of relaxation.

Put together your feelings and memories and make this a perfect fall season. 
If you are ready to get inspired by autumn here are my favorite color pallets chose one and add it to your home decor.


                                                      Source PINTREST

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