Friday, May 16, 2014

Before Happy Hour

         It’s Friday and we are all so excited to go home, right? Now, before you pack up from work and head home, I want you to look around your work area and see if your office is in a clutter. How do I know if my office is in a clutter, you ask? If you see lots of papers in the desk, files on the floor, boxes, pens and pencils everywhere then yes your office is in a clutter and it needs to be organized.
      I understand that it’s Friday and all we want to do is just to go home, be with the family, and relax.  I know you are ready for that glass of wine, but before you get to all those lovely ideas we need to DE-clutter.
         Your office is your second home; you probably spend 6 to 8 hours in there.  The clutter in your office or working area can create bad energy. Bad energy can bring you lots of stress and not enough focus.

 All this heavy energy and lack of concentration can give you anxiety, bad mood, swings and just overall gives you a feeling like you want to run out of the room. Why go thru all of that when you can fix it. Allow me to give you a few tips I can help you keep your office a clutter-free zone.
              Every day before you go home, put away all the files, close the email and get rid of any unnecessary boxes.

-          Files or Paper work:     Separate them in 3 piles. * DONE * STILL WORKING * NEW.  When you are done separating them place them in a tray or a file box that is already labeled. That way when everything is organized for the following day.  Don’t play the crazy search game on a Monday morning, you will always lose.
-          “Still working” pile: is very important. You need to go thru the file and put them in an order of most important to least important. This is going to help you manage your time better early in the morning.
-          Boxes or packages: find a spot in your office where you can put them away until you have time to get to them. If it will only take you 2-3 minutes to open it and put it away, do it right then. If not, have a designated space to keep it.
        Since it is Friday and we are rushing to get to the Happy Hour specials take 15 minutes to clear the “Done” bin before you go. *Remember, if something  only take “2 minutes” to finish, do it right then.* Put everything where it belongs, clear your desk and shut your computer DOWN! Your desk should look like the same every day of work. Why? Well because on Monday when you go back to work your office is clutter free and your day is going to start with a big smile and good and positive energy.
Now it’s time for you to relax and enjoy your weekend. Cheers Everyone

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