Thursday, May 29, 2014

Welcome to the "Dream Club"

Are you one of those people who have daydreams while watching a design show? One that would sacrifice a body part to have the room you always dreamed of? I know you are one of them, because we all are part of this…I call it “The Dream Club”.

We all have that feeling. The one you get when you first spot something you love in a magazine.  We picture ourselves sitting in our dream room, but then as soon as we lay our magazines down and look at the room we are sitting in, the happiness fades all because we think…”Nah. It’s not for me, and besides I don’t have the money.” We allow ourselves to enter a “comfort zone”. The comfort zone is a zone full of compromise, excuses, and low standards.

That comfort zone is where a lot of us live.  We are not talking just about home design; we are also talking about things like: clothes, cars, shoes, food, careers, and more. Getting yourself out of that comfort zone can be scary I understand that and you might be one step to the change, but the fear drives us more than the desire for change.

Who has hopes and dreams?  Everybody!!  Now let me tell you a secret; you can have that dream room.  For example: the picture of the Home Style Magazine that you loved can be recreated. The HGTV show you just watched; you can have that!! The Pintrest picture walls you share everyday…Yes you can have all that. All you need is to go for it. The first step is to know the home style you envision for you and your family. You don’t need to stick to one.  It’s like shoes. Shoes have so many different styles and we can’t have enough of them, but you would never stick to just flats right? You still have some wedges and pumps and boots oh my.  Similar to shoes, home style décor also has a variety for you to choose from: Rustic, Retro, Eclectic, Minimalist, Classic, and Country Chic to name some of them. All these styles have beauty where you can mix and match continuing with a vibe and a flow you want. All while making your room feel cozy and comfortable. Something to remember is not everybody can afford the décor on HGTV, Home Style or pay for an interior designer.  So here are some ideas for you to follow so you can save money and recreate the room you want with things you own.

Let’s say you saw a picture of a living room on Pintrest and you love it, then again you don’t know where to start:
  • Print the picture; having the picture in your hands is going to motivate you to get that room done
  • Go around your home and look for things that are close to what you see in the image. Look for vases, candles, mirrors, chairs, cushions, etc. Don’t be perfectionist, with some time and money you are going to slowly make changes, but for now use the things you have at home. Trust me it’s going to be worth it.
  • After your done recollecting these items, go back to the living room and re arrange the furniture. Your layout might be different from the picture you have, nonetheless the furniture can be position around what works for you and your space. You can always follow the picture, or you can go with your gut and get creative. The picture is just a paper with guidelines; those  directions can always be changed. This is going to give your space more personality and more of you. Go for it!! And have fun while you’re doing it. 

    Here are some easy ideas for you.

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